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Balkan Congress Center, Trakya University Balkan Campus, Edirne, Turkey

The biggest campus of our university, it has an area of 2.215.744 square meter including 256.835 square meter closed area. This campus is rapidly improving for being an ideal living space which provides service to the local community, to its personnel and to the students with education, administrative, social and cultural opportunities. The Rectorate building is moved from Karaaðaç Campus to Balkan Campus in 2011. As well as Institutes of Health Sciences, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Balkan Research; State
Conservatory; Faculties of Medicine, Science, Letters, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Kırkpınar Physical Education and Sports College; Vocational College Health Services and Tunca Vocational College; there exists Trakya University Hospital which is the fifth biggest reference hospital of Turkey. Also, Balkan Oncology Hospital and Balkan Mental Health Centre are found in this campus. Besides, the biggest congress centre of the Balkans, Balkan Congress Centre; State Conservatory Arts and Education Centre; Türkan Sabancý Culture Centre and 75th year Indoor Sports Hall are found in this campus.


4th International Hydrogen Technologies Congress / June 20-23, 2019 / Trakya University, Alanya, Turkey